Fit For Marriage
Are You Fit For Marriage?


Fit For Marriage is designed for:

  • Men and women who want complete privacy
  • Those who want to learn in a social context

Find out if you are “Fit For Marriage.” The following is a self test. The computer does not keep track of who you are, we only keep a statistical record of YES & NO answers.

Choose the appropriate category, and then follow the directions that appear.

Single Women Single Men
Married Women Married Men

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To participate in the Fit For Marriage program will take some time. But it will change your life—you'll never be the same again!

Portrait of Russell and Theresa Yates

C. Russell Yates

Husband of Theresa C. Yates

Father of Deborah Ruth Yates

Author of Restoring the Father to the Family

Founder of Family Foundation Ministry

Director of the Fit For Marriage Program

Servant of the Most High God