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Great for turning the hearts of the fathers to their children. July 18, 1999
Probably the best book I've ever read on this subject (next to the Bible). I was impressed with the author's willingness to admit his own mistakes and his determination to learn from his past experiences. The author and I share an appreciation of Bill Gothard's teachings which he refers to a few times in his book. I believe this issue, (fatherhood) is the most crucial issue for our society today and this book is a great enlightener for men and reviewer: from Texas, USA
The most honest book I've ever read. Bill Good, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Greenfield Mo.
I found your book … very thought provoking.
It should be required reading. Mother Millie Limbaugh
The deterioration of the strong nuclear family in our time will only mushroom in generations to come as the children of today “go forth and multiply” without a history and knowledge of being part of such an institution. Elizabeth Kyle, mother

From Larry Christenson, author, The Christian Family:

Thank you so much for your letter, along with your article, “The Most Destructive Act Ever … .”
I read your article with great interest. The biblical teaching on family life, particularly the “submission” aspect, has fallen on hard days. It seems nobody wants to hear this word. I think you handle it in an excellent way. What you confront people with is not simply a theory of family life, but with the authority of God's word. The reader should find it hard to pick a fight with you; he has to take it up with God!
I particularly liked your statement, “The godly family preaches the Gospel by example.” That has real clout, because the contrary truth hovers in the background: “Those who rebel against God's word for the family preach a gospel of Self, in an increasingly dysfunctional society.”

The following is a book review published in the Fall/Winter 1994/95 Crosswinds Magazine. The review is by a clinical psychologist in Dallas, Texas:

C. Russell Yates, in his book Restoring the Father to the Family, suggests that the magnitude of overcoming the destructive consequences of weak or failed fatherhood involves the entire human race: “Restoring the father to his proper Christian position in the family is the absolute, undisputed, most important item for the human race.”
Mr. Yates is not bashful in proposing the destiny of fatherhood as the preeminent, predictive factor regarding whether the family and western civilization will survive or thrive: “To assault or neglect fatherhood is in the long term suicidal, like cutting off our source.” He asserts that restoring fatherhood is the principal way to solve the underlying cause of society's many problems: “Any solution that does not insist on restoring the father to the family is treating the symptoms.”
The deliberate plan of an honorable, mature man, using every thought and muscle toward establishing reciprocity for unrequited love is evident on every page. It is simply not Yates' purpose to hide his anguish at any time from his dedication—“To lonely husbands and lonely wives who cry out for fulfillment in marriage, and weep for their children”—to the postscript. The author is wrestling with his commitment to his wife while pinioned with sadness hoping that his “precious wife” might come under the shadow of his protection, and respond to his leadership with an attitude of submission, in order to find the level of intimacy which pulsates as the strongest desire known to mankind.
Yates says that the ultimate “knowing” between humans takes place in bed, face to face. True intimacy is found only when a husband takes responsibility for his wife, and the wife submits to her husband. If the husband refuses to accept his responsibility or if the wife is defiant, then their lovemaking will not continue to be as pleasurable, and the couple will not “know” each other in the most satisfying way. Yates offers hope that the root that perpetuates matriarchy, which has castrated the husband in his role of fatherhood, can be broken by men and women of courage. Anyone who will use all his influence to restore the father to his proper place of leadership and authority will have laid the ax to the root of the forces which, if left to grow unimpeded, will destroy family and western civilization.
If you are not intrigued by the poignant drama of a wise man bending all his wits and thoughts toward wooing the woman of his desire, while she is desperately in need of his love, but refusing the means of finding it, then C. Russell Yates' book, Restoring the Father to the Family, Shakespeare's sonnets and plays, “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Hamlet,” and much of western civilizations' love literature may not be for you. JDJ
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1

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