Fit For Marriage


Sermons and Devotional Material:

The Maranatha Mirror

An outstanding devotional website. For really great 20 minute sermons by Pastor Tom (see A Lesson in Greatness) go to the Maranatha Mirror website. Or be added to their bi-weekly email list by sending your request to There is no charge for this service.

Websites and Related Books:

The Coalition on Revival

Global Pastor Of Revival, Jay Grimstead

Christian World View of the Family” is an 18-page PDF document. Jay Grimstead is the Director of the Coalition on Revival. Please pray for this worthy organization and consider them in your Christian giving.

The Surrendered Wife

Laura Doyle, author of The Surrendered Wife, has discovered a remarkable feminine lifestyle that makes it possible for a woman to transform her marriage. Her book has become for many women a marital catechism. You won't find many Bible verses in Laura's writings, but her approach to wedlock bears a strong resemblance to the marital teachings of St. Peter and the Apostle Paul.


For years I wondered why there was no conservative network news. I noted that Jesus made Judas treasurer, and I thought liberals would always be the custodians of the news. Well, check out the above website. World Net Daily is a hard-hitting world-wide news source. … Mama Mia!

Rebecca St. James

Wait for Me, both a song and a book by Rebecca St. James. Rebecca calls us back to the time when sex didn't get in the way of romance, and family was paramount. She is also a Christian entertainer who is wholesome and godly, an outstanding role model for her generation.

Stephen Bennett Ministries

We encourage people with sexual identity problems to take advantage of Stephen Bennett's ministry. I quote from the website as follows: “Our simple, Uncompromising Message: No one is born 'Gay,' and Complete Change Is Completely Possible!”

Operation Outcry

Operation Outcry seeks to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade by mobilizing those who have been silent about the harmful effects of abortion. This can be accomplished only through prayer and with the testimonies of women who have suffered harm from abortion.

Defend the Family

A partnership of Christian attorneys with Scott D. Lively and Richard D. Ackerman. Helping families defend themselves against the gay agenda.

Family Foundation International

Family Foundations International is a non-profit Christian ministry providing seminars and other tools through local churches in many countries around the world. Pastor Craig Hill, founder of Family Foundations, is an anointed seminar speaker who has authored a number of books. The Ancient Paths is Craig's most popular book and the basis for the ministry's most popular seminar.

HeartWing Ministries

As an author, speaker, television co-host and singer, Michelle McKinney Hammond wants you to live life to the fullest through fulfilling relationships with God, with yourself and with the opposite sex. She's helping women around the world celebrate their femininity and their relationships with one another. Here, you'll see what she's been writing and talking about and why thousands of people across the globe consider her a woman after God's own heart. Get to know Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Marriage Builders

The following is taken directly from the website: “In this Marriage Builders® site, you will be introduced to some of the best ways to overcome marital conflicts and some of the quickest ways to restore love.” Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. has saved thousands of marriages from the pain of unresolved conflict and the disaster of divorce. His successful approach to building marriages can help you build yours. Harley's approach is not from a biblical prospective, but he understands human nature, and offers really good advice.

And they that shall be of thee
shall build the old waste places … .Isaiah 58:12

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To participate in the Fit For Marriage program will take some time. But it will change your life—you'll never be the same again!