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The Most Destructive Act Ever

C. Russell Yates, Director

On September 11, 2001 three airplanes loaded with jet fuel were flown into American buildings—that is recent history. At the end of World War II two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan—that happened decades ago. But neither of these incidents compares to the Fall.

The most destructive act ever, was committed in the Garden of Eden. A man and his wife ate of the forbidden fruit. Their relationship with God was immediately broken—not only for them, but also for their descendants. Up to then they had walked in friendship with the Lord in the Garden in the cool of the day (Genesis 3:8). What a heady experience it must have been! But in a moment it was lost.

Man was created in the image of God. Like God, Adam had an intellect, a sense of moral judgment, and the ability to relate. The animals could not make that claim because they had not been made in God's image.

Man was made for relationship with God.

As beings made in the image of God we have a certain autonomy, but we are never to disobey a direct command from the Lord. For the human race it was worse than “Paradise Lost,” it was relationship lost. But the Lord God has provided a means through which relationship lost can be relationship regained. He sent His own dear Son, Jesus, to die on a Roman Cross.

The goal is that each man find a personal relationship with Jesus. Even before the Fall, the Lord had already provided the means for Fallen man to learn relationship. Marriage and family!

God tells the woman to submit to her husband.Ephesians 5:22
He tells the man to love his wife.Ephesians 5:25

That's what it takes to have a genuine marital relationship, and that's what is needed for children to learn relationship.

The husband who loves his wife and family, “as Christ loved the Church,” models the love of Jesus. The woman who submits to her husband “as the church obeys its Lord,” models the submission God expects from each of us. Children of such parents grow up knowing how to love, knowing how to submit, and knowing how to relate to God. The godly family preaches the Gospel by example.

God has established a certain Order for relationships that is as non-negotiable as the movement of the planets. The idea of a hierarchy is repugnant to rebellious man, but it is absolutely essential if the relationship is to continue. God has authority over mankind, and the husband has authority over his wife. For a human being to disobey God is a serious matter. For a woman to disobey her husband is equally perilous because it was God himself who tells the woman to submit to her husband.

Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.Ephesians 5:24

When Adam disobeyed God, the relationship was broken immediately. The modern idea of marital equality requires both man and woman to set aside their sex-based roles. When they do that, they break their relationship. Rather than becoming one according to the Bible, the two of them remain two, according to the culture. They are disobeying God's Order for relationship, and in so doing, replicate the Fall—one family at a time. … And what is the remedy? Repentance and faith in the shed blood of Jesus as the sacrifice, for even that sin.

During the past hundred years, the feminist movement has “legitimized” and systematized the idea of female assertion and refusal of male authority. And what has been the result? Shattered relationships and broken homes—even for people who call themselves Christians. All this happened because women, like Eve, thought they knew better than God. It happened because men, like Adam, went along with their wives.

The source of every human problem is the willingness to believe something that is not true.Fit For Marriage Lesson

Why should men love and women submit? … Because it would lead to intimacy in marriage? … Because it would offer a blessed future for their children? … Yes, but there is an even better reason why husbands should love and wives should submit: Because God said so, and the Lord can be trusted.

Whether the relationship is between God and man, or between a man and his wife, it will only endure if we follow the Order God has established.

If we follow our humanistic culture, the relationship will fail, and that failure will be passed on to future generations. If we accept the truth about marriage, as given in the Bible, our families will prosper, and our children will succeed—both for this life and for the life to come.

Most Christians—men and women—don't understand why male love and female submission are so important to the marriage or for the sake of the Gospel. Few of us can connect family chaos to the neglect of roles in marriage. But do we really need to understand? Adam didn't understand either. Relationship transcends knowledge and requires only one understanding:

God knows what's best, and what He says is for our benefit.

God's requirements are not that complicated:

Don't eat from the tree;
love your wife;
submit to your husband.

But to obey God and not sin, will require that you go against a culture that has rejected both masculinity and femininity. It is to refuse the darkness of secular humanism and embrace the light of the Gospel.

But you are
a chosen generation,
a royal priesthood,
a holy nation,
a peculiar people;

that you should show forth the praises of him
who has called you out of darkness
into his marvelous light.1 Peter 2:9

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